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          EVK1000 Evaluation Kit
          EVK1000 is Two Way Ranging Evaluation Kit made of 2 EVB1000 evaluation boards each incorporating DW1000 IEEE802.15.4-2011 UWB compliant wireless transceiver IC, STM32F105 ARM Cortex M3
          • 功能特点


            • 2 Antennae
            • 2 Micro USB
            • 2 Power Leads
            • Decawave’s two-way ranging application, “DecaRanging”, pre-installed

            Decawave EVK1000 Evaluation Kit is optimised for unrivalled indoor precision location and data communications for Real Time Location Systems  and Wireless Sensor Networks. It operates across a wide variety of markets, including ePOS and retail, automotive, agriculture, building control and automation, factory automation, healthcare, safety and security, warehousing and logistics and a range of others.

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