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          System on Chip-nRF52832
          Flexible, efficient Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth mesh multiprotocol SoC
          • 功能特点

            The nRF52832 is the mid-range member of the nRF52 Series SoC family. It meets the challenges of a broad range of applications that need Bluetooth 5 feature sets, protocol concurrency and a rich and varied set of peripherals and features. In addition, it offers generous memory availability for both Flash and RAM.

            The nRF52832 is fully multiprotocol capable with full protocol concurrency. It has protocol support for Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth mesh, ANT and 2.4 GHz proprietary stacks.

            It is built around an ARM® Cortex?-M4 CPU with floating point unit running at 64 MHz. It has NFC-A Tag for use in simplified pairing and payment solutions. It has numerous digital peripherals and interfaces such as PDM and I2S for digital microphones and audio.

            Exceptionally low energy consumption is achieved using a sophisticated on-chip adaptive power management system.

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